Google I/O conference : a lot of new features to come

Google, just like a lot of other tech giants, just presented its new coming features during its annual I/O conference. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, just released Google’s coming features and future services. Smart emailing, augmented reality and artificial intelligence : quick summary of what is to come on our phones and computers. Google Assistant Google’s… Read More

Amazon launches its first physical Prime book service, dedicated to children

Amazon Prime members get access to new features (almost) everyday. The latest service released is a physical book service for children. New Amazon premium services, gathered in the Amazon Prime subscription, are getting developed and launched regularly. Whole Foods products delivery, getting deliveries directly in your home or your car… users can now have access… Read More

Castbox raises $13.5 million and dables in original programming

Castbox, a technology-fueled podcast app announced the close of a $13.5 million Series B funding with the new goal of reaching 2 million daily users on the platform. There are dozens, if not hundreds, podcast apps available today. Castbox is one of them. Founded by a former Google employee, Wang Xiaoyu, the startup just closed… Read More