Nike can now scan its clients’ feet thanks to Invertex

Nike just acquired Invertex, a Isreali startup specialised in machine vision technology. A big step towards tailor-made shoes ?

Nike tries to improve its clients’ experience and just announced the acquisition of Invertex to speed up its evolutions. The Israeli startup, specialised in machine vision technology, allows users to scan their feet on a dedicated platform. Once their prints are saved on the server, the tool advises them on what shoe size they should chose, taking into account different models and types of shoes.

The clients’s 3D modelling are then saved by the company, allowing it to associate different kind of shoes to different sizes and shapes of feet to find the most compatible ones thanks to an artificial intelligence. The tool depends on clients’ satisfaction.

Nike Chief Digital Officer, Adam Sussman, explained that “acquiring Invertex allows us to develop our digital and artificial intelligence skills, and to create the most appealing client experience possible.”

Acquiring this startup will, indeed, help Nike develop its clients’s experience, but will also facilitate other projets. The technological advances brought by the Israeli company could also let Nike use advanced fabrication techniques, such as tailor-made or on-demand production.

These new tools would stop clients from ordering the wrong kind or the wrong size of shoes, and therefore, from returning their commands. Returning a pair of shoes is usually paid by the shoes brand and can cost a lot to a company. Thanks to Invertex, Nike hopes to reduce its number of returns.

Credits : CC0 Licence

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