Getting an App featured on the new App Store increases its downloads up to 800%

The new iOS 11’s App Store features different apps daily. These new formats can increase their downloads up to 800%.

The new iOS 11’s App Store, released last September, aims to offer app developers a better exposure and a better app experience for users. To improve its interface, Apple decided to change some of its platform’s content and to give it a more editorial touch with, among others, developers interviews, app Stories, and also an “App of the Day” and a “Game of the Day”.

While App Store users can still find standard top charts, the idea is still to show, not only what they think is best, but what Apple thinks is worth downloading. Several new formats of recommendations have been added to the platform : games and apps of the day, applications lists and App Store Stories. Sensor Tower tried and analysed how getting featured there could impact applications and their developers. According to them, depending on the feature format, some apps saw their downloads going up to 802%. To get these datas, Sensor Tower compared the number of downloads of an app a week before it got featured, and its number a week after.

App Store Stories : +222%
App List : +240%
App of the Day : +685%
Game of the Day : +802

Sensor Tower also wanted to see which developers were getting the most featured apps on these new formats. Only 10% of them already had more than a million of downloads, compared to 29% for apps with less than 10.000 downloads.

More than a million downloads : 10%
From 100k to a million : 28%
From 10k to 100k : 33%
Less than 10k : 29%

Apple has a strong interest in featuring some of its apps as it shares the revenue publishers generate through subscriptions, in-app purchase and paid downloads.

Credits : CC0 Licence

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