Recording calls directly on Skype will soon be possible

Podcasters, streamers or any other kind of content creator will (soon enough) be able to record their calls directly on the Skype desktop application.

Skype announced preparing an important new feature to its users. For now, this new tool is only in preview and tested by a small number of given Skype users. It allows them to record their calls directly on the company’s application. No need to use a dedicated application to save an interview or a game stream on a computer anymore.

Users will soon be able to call people and broadcast their conversations live on different websites, or to save them and edit them afterwards before sharing them. The company plans on officially presenting this new feature during the NAB Conference (National Association of Broadcasters), in Los Angeles, ending on the 12th of April. “Skype for Content Creators” should, after that, be launched next summer.

Different tools for different users

Last year, the company had already launched Skype Interviews, allowing employers to test the coding capacities of job candidates directly during their interviews. Just as Skype for Content Creators, this tool has also been made for a specific kind of users. With these, the company hopes to bring new users to its application. The last past years have shown a stagnant growth for Skype.

Credits : Skype

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