The Treep allows you to book ecofriendly trips

The Treep allows its users to plan trips and journeys by chosing the most eco friendly mode of transportation. The French startup’s teams just released its brand new mobile app.

The French greentech startup The Treep, who just released its mobile app (available on iOS and Android), offers a multimodal eco friendly booking service. Thanks to the booking assistant of the platform, called Mobility Planner, users can plan C02 neutral trips.

The startup relies on long and bookable transportations (plane, trains) as well as on public transportations of thousand of different cities, taxis and even private transportations modes (walk, bike, motorcycle, car…) to offer such services. To use them, users only have to type their starting point and destination. The app then displays different traveling options, allowing users to access all necessary informations, such as time, price and greenhouse gaz emission. Booking directly on the app is also possible.


Pierre-François Verbecque, Julien Selmane and Laurent La Rocca, the startup funders, were accustomed to business travels and believe that “with smarter travels and by combining every kind of transportations modes, we can all improve our quality of life and preserve our planet.” Since the creation of the company, in 2016, the trio have obtained the Frenchtech label.

Greener companies thanks to The Treep

The startup services are available thanks to a subscription, starting at 65 euros a month for a single traveler. The Treep collects the C02 emission datas of its subscribers, establishes a carbon balance and compensates it by planting an equivalent number of trees. These plantations are coordinated by Reforest’action, French specialist in this field.

The Treep allows its users, public or businesses, to save time booking their trips while reducing their greenhouse gaz emissions thanks to a thought-through transportation mode.

Credits : YouTube The Treep

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