Uber gets into public transport and private cars

Public transportations and car rental seem to be the two latest projects of Uber, a couple of days after announcing the acquisition of JUMP, a bike-sharing startup.

Will Uber stop expanding one day ? Two days ago, the company announced acquiring JUMP, a bike-sharing startup and announced two new partnerships today. The first one has been made with Getaround, a peer-to-peer car sharing and local renting startup. From now on, users will be able to rent someone’s car directly on the Uber app. The first tests of this new service should be held in April in San Francisco before getting deployed on the entire American soil.

The second one includes Masabi, a transform ticketing mobile platform. Uber is indeed designing a new tool allowing its users to buy and manage their public transportations tickets, including more than 30 services, such as the Los Angeles Metrolink, New York’s subway or the Londonian Clippers.

Collaborating with cities

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi explained being ready to collaborate with cities and transport departments to improve transportations. He also announced pairing up with Washington D.C.’s transport department as well as with SharedStreets, an NGO project whose aim is to facilitate transport data sharing.

Moreover, the Californian company is also looking for ways to accelerate the development of Movement, a data anonymising platform of its own data. Its objective is to give access to these data to urbanists and local authorities to help them take better decisions regarding transportations.

Today, Uber lets its users use passenger and rental cars, public transportations, bikes and even trucks. According to rumors, the next goal of Uber could be electric scooters..

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