Amazon launches its first physical Prime book service, dedicated to children

Amazon Prime members get access to new features (almost) everyday. The latest service released is a physical book service for children.

New Amazon premium services, gathered in the Amazon Prime subscription, are getting developed and launched regularly. Whole Foods products delivery, getting deliveries directly in your home or your car… users can now have access to children books selected by Amazon editors. This new feature should be launched in 2018 in the U.S. and users can already ask for an invitation and order their first boxes.

This new subscription, available for Prime members, costs $22.99 per box, which works out to 35% below the cumulative price for the books, according to Amazon. Users can choose to get their books every one-, two- or three-months. The books are divided up by age groups : baby-two years, three-five years, six-eight years and nine-twelve years. By linking their Prime subscription, editors can access previous purchases and avoid sending books they already own.

Until now, the only book subscription available was the Amazon Prime Reading one, which highlights Kindle e-books and selected digital magazines and travels guides. With this new service, Amazon puts back physical books in the spotlight, allowing parents to move their children away from screens, but also to get more informations about their users’ households.

Credits : CC0 Licence

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