Continental invests in DigiLens again with $25 additional million

25 additional millions for DigiLens, which now $60M in investments since the startup creation. The German car manufacturer Continental acquired shares of the company for the second time.

Funded by Jonathan Waldern, DigiLens develops holographic waveguide technologies, enabling head-up displays for different applications including automotive, aviation and motorcycle helmets. Its waveguide products superimpose basic driving informations, such as speed or warnings, directly on the car windshield or directly on a motorcycle helmet, allowing drivers to stay focus on their driving and on the road, instead of looking at a external screen (mobile, GPS system..)

For the second time in less than 2 years, the German car manufacturer Continental helped the young startup raising new funds, up to $25M Series C. Last year, it already contributed up to 22M. Since its creation, the startup has risen more than $60M.

The German company explained, in a press release, that “as a result of strong encouragement after several customer demonstrations, we are excited to intensify our joint efforts and accelerate development.” Its participation in the startup increased up to 18%.

Credits : DigiLens

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