Mark Zuckerberg presents Facebook’s new features

During the annual F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg presented some of the upcoming tools Facebook and his other apps are getting soon.

A month after being heard by the American Congress and Senate, Mark Zuckerberg stood yesterday in front of developers during the annual F8 conference taking place in San Jose, California. He presented upcoming tools and features for Facebook and his other sites and apps.

A dating platform

This rumor has been on for several months, and Mark Zuckerberg confirmed it yesterday during the conference : there will be a dating platform on Facebook. Yet, the CEO explained that this platform will be for “stable stories and not for one night stands only.” The use of this new service should not appear on the user’s public profile and should not be seen by anyone outside of it. Plus, the dating app should also get a dedicated messaging app, on which sending pictures will not be possible. Yesterday, after the presentation of this new service, the Match Group action (owner of Tinder, OkCupid and Meetic) dropped by 20%.


The Cambridge Analytica scandal and the new European GDRB regulation regarding users’ data use have forced Tech giants to take actions to protect their users in more efficient ways. The new Facebook tool, ClearHistory, will allow users to get a list of every sites and apps using Facebook’s services to get data and informations about them. Once this list obtained, they will be able to ask for these datas to be deleted.


This new feature will allow users to share, watch and comment a video at the same time in a given conversation. A new “Groups” tab should also be added to the website, and Messenger will be redesigned too.

Augmented reality on Messenger

This is definitely a great gift for developers and brands, who will now be able to use AR directly on Messenger. This will allow users to discover new products, to customize them and even to try them on. The first brands getting to try this new feature are Nike, Sephora, Asus and Kia.

Instagram gets some changes too

Just like Facebook and other websites, Instagram gets new features too. The first one is group calls, for two people or more. The second one is a new Explore page. It should be easier for users to find content that really interests them after this update.

Mark Zuckerberg also announced group calls on WhatsApp and new Workplace tools.

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