Q1 2018 : Samsung leads the smartphone industry

Samsung leads the smartphone industry and gets 23.4% of its market shares. Globally, the number of smartphones sold during the first quarter of the year dropped by 2.9%.

Smartphones manufacturers’ Q1 results have been released this week. 334.3 millions of smartphones have been shipped between January and March, a global drop of 2.9% when compared with 2017’s Q1.

Samsung gets the first place of the manufacturers’ rankings with 78.2 millions smartphones sent during this period. The company represents 23.4% of the market shares. Still, the number of phones it sold dropped by 2.4% from one year to another. This drop was slowed down and contained by the great sales numbers of its two latest models : the S9 and S9+.

Xiaomi’s sales go up by nearly 90%

In second place is Apple and its 52.2 millions sold iPhones (+2.8%). Its market shares went from 14.7 to 15.6% at the beginning of this year. Same thing for Huawei with its market shares going up to 11.8% thanks to its 39.3 millions sold phones (+13.8%).

But the most important growth goes to Xiaomi with its 28 millions sold smartphones, going up by 87.8% in a year. The Chinese company represents 8.4% of the market shares.

Global rankings :

Number of phones sold :78.2 millions (-2.4%)
Market shares : 23.4%

Number of phones sold : 52.2 millions (+2.8%)
Market shares : 15.6%

Number of phones sold : 39.3 millions (+13.8%)
Market shares : 11.8%

Number of phones sold : 28 millions (+87.8%)
Market shares : 8.4%

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