Suki raises $15M to create a voice assistant for doctors

The teams behind Suki, a future voice assistant for doctors, just raised a 15M funding round.

Helping doctors take notes, complete medical records or prescriptions : some of the tasks Suki should be able to do as a voice assistant for doctors. The startup just closed a $15M funding round led by Venrock (which already had led a $5M see financing round), with First Round, Social+Capital, Nat Turner of Flatiron Health, Marc Benioff and other Googlers and business angels.

Suki’s funder is Punit Soni, former Google, Motorola and Flipkart executive. According to him, recent voice recognition technologies are not commoditized, allowing startups to go directly to the core business problems rather than focusing on early technological challenges.

“Our job is to make sure doctors and the burnout they are having is relieved”

Formerly called Robin, Suki is supposedly going to work as any other voice assistants, such as Alexa or Echo devices for example. Suki should understand different orders such as “pay attention” or “write this prescription down”, keeping doctors from writing down everything by hand at the end of a medical examination. Punit Soni explained that “I’m, not building a medical transcription company. I’m basically trying to build a digital assistant for doctors.”

The real challenge Suki is facing is comprehension, of the medical administration first (it has to know where to put medical informations) but also of the doctors themselves, as they usually have different and unique ways of practicing.

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