The ecofriendly startup EcoTree raises €1.2M

Planting trees and allowing businesses (and the public) to make long-term investments : two of EcoTree’s (achieved) goals, a French eco friendly startup which just raised €1.2M.

Investing in forests and in wood is not reserved to some kinds of elites anymore, thanks to EcoTree. This French startup allows businesses and the public to buy trees and to profit from the wood’s sale. A eco friendly and responsible investment inspired by returnable bottles systems from Danemark. Indeed, the EcoTree co-funders, Vianney de la Brosse, Baudouin Vercken, Alban Wintrebert and Théophane le Méné got the idea for this startup during a trip to Copenhagen.

Funded in 2016, the young startup just raised €1.2M and welcomes West Web Alley, a venture capital and accelerator to its capital.

More precisely, EcoTree buys forest areas (or sometimes even creates new forests), then sells these trees to businesses or to the public. While growing, the startup’s teams look after and take care of these plants until it’s time for them to be cut down. In average, one tree’s value goes up to 2% a year, according to the co-funders. Once cut down, the profits coming from the wood’s sale go directly to the trees owners.

For the co-funders, the idea is not to “punish a non-eco friendly behaviour” but to reward a positive action instead. According to the company, 35.907 trees have already been planted by its teams, and it doesn’t want to stop here. The funders explain that “the changes driving us toward a more sustainable society are already there. There are infinite possibilities and we want to be one of the first actors going towards this evolution.”

Credits : YouTube EcoTree

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