Apple WWDC : a first day full of big announcements

This Monday opened the 2018 edition of Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, bringing its share of innovations, planned for the year to come.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, presented the subsequent updates of the Apple software. Starting with the iOS 12, the much-anticipated new version of the iPhones, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV operating system. Just like every other year, the enthusiastic users of Apple are abreast of each evolution possible.

However, for this edition, the Californian company bet on something quite different. To that end, the iOS 12 will be available on the same devices as the iOS 11, its predecessor. It is thus easily interpreted as a will for Apple to have its users forget the batteries’ failure of the oldest models of iPhones, which caused a scandal at the time of the IPhones 8 and X’s launch, last autumn. The American giant is trying to reassure its long-standing customers, owners of older IPhones, while promising that they are not good to throw away (yet).

Many improvements are thus to envisage for this iOS update.

ARKit 2.0: Apple gives more and more importance to augmented reality

Augmented reality seems to have, for several year nowfound favour in Tim Cook’s mind.

Apple announced the development of ARKit 2.0, the new version of its deployment of augmented reality software on iPhone. This update’s promises are multiple: improved face tracking, more realistic rendering, 3D object detection and so on..

Another innovation: the possibility for two users to perceive the same augmented reality objects, in other words, the installation of a multiplayer mode for this new technology. By proposing these new tools, Apple wants to attract the developers of games, applications, or contents on its phones, to convince them that augmented reality will be a huge thing in the coming years, and that they should not move away from the public’s favourite mobiles.

After the Animojis, here come the Memojis

The American multinational declared the forthcoming establishment of Memojis, close cousins of the previous Animojis. Here, the users will be able to create a customized avatar for themselves, rather like the Bitmojis developed by Snapchat.

WatchOS 5: the system’s update of Apple Watch directed towards the health field

In their increasing will of a strategic positioning in the health field, Apple proposes new features with this new version of the software. The user will thus be able to have new types of trainings, like yoga or hiking, which will soon be detected automatically by the user’s watch. Challenges for friends will also be possible with these new features, as well as Siri shortcuts and a walkie talkie mode.

A better screen time management

Here, Apple mainly addresses the parents, by proposing them to telecontrol the time their children pass on some applications. Provisions will be put in place to let them handle the applications their children have access to and their access times.

A better use and customisation of Siri

The Silicon Valley company enables its users to create custom commands with Siri, making it proactive. The vocal assistance will thus be able to make you suggestions, based upon your practices, via the lock screen. For example, if you order a taxi every morning at the same time, Siri will send you a notification on the lock screen to offer you to order it directly.

This initiative surely resides in an Apple’s will to catch up on its competitors, such as Amazon and its assistant Alexa, or Google and its Assistant.

MacOS Mojave should simplify your life

The new MacOS may indeed mean a greater ease of use since it promises to help users stay organized, such as stacking documents intelligently in Finder with the new Desktop Stacks feature. The ranking will be done according to the users’ preset criteria.

Add to that an improvement of QuickLook, which will henceforth make possible to sign a PDF without even opening it, while remaining on Finder. It will also be able to allow the edition of the document.

Mac App Store’s revival

Since his launching, Mac App Store only knew a couple of changes. The American company engaged in a transformation, which could be determining. The interface will be redesigned, approximating as much as possible the iOS App Store.

However, the most-waited innovation here is the arrival, even the return in some cases, of many softwares, such as Adobe and its Lightroom DC, or Microsoft and its pack Office 365, which will be soon sold on this new Mac App Store.

Perfecting its ecosystem with Apple TV

With the goal of keeping users in the Apple universe, the Silicon Valley’s company bet on an optimization of its television set. It thus introduces the audio Dolby Atmos for Apple TV, which would turn the latter into the only streaming device certified at the same time by Dolby Atmos and by Vision.

Apple gets to your car with new CarPlay improvements

CarPlay is the version of iOS especially designed for vehicles. This one will henceforth be able to take over the third-party applications, such as Google Maps and Waze.

In other words, the early stages of this WWDC 2018 reaffirm the clearly-assumed desire of Apple to establish a monopoly at its users.

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