Click&Boat raises 4 million euros to reinforce its position abroad

With its third funds raising in five years, the French start-up proves once again that the concept of privately boat rental is really appreciated. Their aim is henceforth clear: to conquer the foreign coastlines.

With the first shy summer sunbeams (finally) arriving, those same announcing the comeback of the boatical season, the cruising market is already in the wake of digitalization.

Indeed, in 2013, Jérémy Bismuth and Edouard Gorioux launched Click&Boat. Simply put : the startup connects owners of boats with individuals aspiring to rent a boat for the holiday, via an online platform.

Five years later, the start-up just completed its third financing round. After a first 200.000 euros fund raising in 2014, then a million euros second one in 2016, Click&Boat announced this Wednesday having secured a 4 million euros financing round.

Moreover, the start-up can count on their investors’ fidelity, since historical shareholders, such as the Olma Private Equity Fund’s funds, took part in this new capital growth.

There are nowadays no doubts left about its success: the startup is already present on five different countries’ shores (France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the United States), including not less than 200.000 registered users and 22.000 renting boats.

The leaders’ goals are now to scope internationally, to push the borders out and to make of Click&Boat, an international go-to. Jérémy Bismuth, cofounder of the start-up, readily entrusts that today, more than a half of their reservations are carried out by foreign customers, for outside France boats.

More than this encouraging news, to fulfil its ambitions abroad, he wishes henceforth purchasing competitor companies. And their financial good health largely allows them, since the start-up is cost-effective since 2015, that is to say hardly a year after its launching, which is a guarantee of their model’s stability, according to Edouard Gorioux.

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