New immigration measures in the United Kingdom to attract new tech talents

The UK’s leader position in the technology field is severely threatened, two years after the Brexit vote. The British government tries its best to avoid an acute talent shortage and ensure its financial system’s good health.

On Thursday, Theresa May announced that healthcare professionals would no longer be counted against the capped number of visas.

The British Prime Minister is trying to reassure the foreign technicians, concerned about the way the country is handling them, once it will have left the Eurozone. She promises them a greater number of visas available, and a stable situation in the United Kingdom. In practice, this decision means that 8.000 additional applicants will be allowed each year into the UK, in addition to the 20.700 authorized before.

However, the government’s answer has its limits since the mere announcement of Brexit already have scared a lot of engineers. Indeed, some highly-qualified technicians walked out as soon as the voting result came out, to find a more stable lifestyle in their home country, without even seeking to know the impact this political decision could have on their everyday life.

A startup visa by 2019

To correct this, Theresa May promised the introduction of a startup visa by 2019, in order to summon the most talented company founders to the United Kingdom.

This initiative will replace the current tier 1 visa, which was originally made for non-EU graduates studying in UK universities. This new visa will henceforth now be accessible to talented startuppers and project leaders, former students of UK colleges or not.

Diverging opinion? Missing information? Industry insider opinions welcomed!

Specialists and startuppers still have some concerns about this announcement. Indeed, a blur remains about this new visa : will startups founders be the only ones taking advantages from it ? Or will they be allowed to immigrate with their teams and employees ?

The visa, planned for spring 2019, will certainly answer those questions. As of now, British leaders want, above all, to make sure the UK continues to attract the best people from across the sector, and the world.

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