Silicon Valley giants speak out in unison against Donald Trump’s immigration policy

The immigration policy established by President Trump has met some resistance. Several American international firms’ leaders are calling on the Head of State to reverse his zero-tolerance policy towards immigrant families.

On Monday, Donald Trump reaffirmed his extreme firmness at the Mexican border and put in place a system separating families at the US-Mexico border. With such policy, the American president tries to distinguish himself from the European policy, as he himself said and repeated on the media.

For the last month, parents crossing the border have been sent to prison, while their children were taken from them and sent to detention centers for an indefinite period of time.

The reactions are plentiful in the US political world. Indeed, even the First lady, Melania Trump, spoke on the subject, which is a rare occurrence, by stating on Twitter that she hated to see entire families separated, that she hopes to see an agreement between the two camps succeed as soon as possible. The former First lady, Laura Bush, also spoke out in the Washington Post’s pages, calling this policy “cruel and immoral”.  

In turn, the technology giants’ leaders took up positions as well. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, condemned Trump’s methods in the “Irish Times”,  which he finds inhuman, with a desperate lack of respect and dignity for these people.

Airbnb cofounders, Bryan Cheski, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk, agreed with Tim Cook, estimating that their country is better than this.

Mark Zukerberg and Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook tried to take on actions by leading up a fundraising campaign in order to unit immigrant families. To date, they collected around 5 million dollars for this purpose.

The YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki also underlined this policy’s cruelty.

Lastly, Microsoft argued that it was doing everything it can to make the administration change its policy and make sure children are not separated from their families anymore, as the company has been working in collaboration with the U.S Immigration for a long time. long before these new rules.

From April 19 to May 31, at least 1.995 children have been separated from their parents, according to recent numbers released by by the department of the Homeland security. These companies’ alert calls and initiatives are commendable but seem fruitless, at least for now.

Credits: YouTube France 24

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