Test your fertility at low prices thanks to Modern Fertility

The US startup Modern Fertility just garnered $ 6 million through a round of investments led by Maveron and UN Venture. The company specializing in women’s health offers affordable hormone testing to assess fertility directly at home.

The CBC’s Journalism Lab [RAD] recently reported that egg freezing is one of many solutions to women’s concerns about fertility. Although the procedure is reliable, it is also very expensive. As Dr. Coralie Beauchamp, Medical Director of Montreal-based Ovo Cryo, explains the costs for the procedure, storage and fertilization are around $ 12,000 Canadian dollars.

It was to counter such expensive measures that Modern Fertility was created. The California-based startup wants to educate women and enable them to be more enterprising in relation to procreation. According to Afton Vechery, co-founder and CEO of the company, Modern Fertility wants to “meet the women where they are and make them aware of the importance of this kind of testing”. All data transmitted to users is derived from serious studies regarding menopause and the progression of infertility in women. The goal is to have an active approach that avoids expensive last-resort measures.

It all starts with a hormone test that you receive directly at home. All you need to do is to take a tiny sample of your blood and send it back to the company. Through the Modern Fertility app, women receive all the information about their number of eggs, the prospects for in vitro fertilization and egg freezing, the risk of early menopause, irregular menstruation, etc.

The service is billed $ 199 dollars in the US. This price is possible thanks to an integrated system of technologies which makes it easy to treat a high volume of samples and avoid passing through an endocrinologist. In the United States, a traditional fertility test is around $ 1,500. As Forbes magazine wrote, “Modern Fertility focuses on the democratization of reproductive health.” The startup is a vector of awareness and education above all. Vechery envisions “a world where getting a fertility test is as common as a Pap test”. According to the CEO, women would often like to know more about their fertility and at a much younger age than right now.

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