The logo-less sneakers Atoms arrive this summer

The Atoms footwear startup wants to revolutionize the consumer perspective by offering durable, perfectly tailored and versatile footwear. Focusing on a single model, the company intends to optimize each shoe to be unique and adapted to its owner.

Atoms offer only two colors: white and black. And no logo. To simplify choosing for customers and to distance themselves from companies that rely merely on style. They look like traditional sneakers, but also acclimatize to more formal events.

According to Atoms co-founder Waqas Ali, consumers often buy elegant shoes that are rarely worn; they are also annoyed by the invasive logos of traditional sneakers. His company embraces minimalism, a recent priority even for giants of the shoe industry. A more discreet design and erased logos testify to new sensibilities among the general population. Quality above all, the prestige of a brand coming after.

The company offers its quarter-size shoes so that each pair molds the feet of the users harmoniously. Woven copper threads inside the fabric prevent the spread of odorous bacteria and elastic laces prevent them from constantly coming off. For $ 179, the company also offers a discount on subsequent pairs, as long as the old one is returned for analysis to optimize the next order.

Although they are somewhat more expensive than conventional sneakers, Atoms also promise optimized comfort. A special pattern modeled on the soles will be erased according to the weight distribution of each user. This method will analyze the footing and improve its structure for future pairs. This is how the company wants to retain customers and motivate them to place a second order. A simple discount is not enough to create a loyal customer base from their business perspective.

This way of doing things also allows for a more modest use of fabrics for each shoe. Although they are not made from natural materials, like Allbirds shoes, Atoms respond to environmental concerns with sustainability. According to Ali, “our product is eco-friendly in the sense that we extend it’s life span a lot”. Unnecessary materials are removed from the product. As for the natural fabrics, they are discarded because the wear is too rapid.

The recent buzz of investors for Atoms is also due to Sangmin Lee, veteran of Adidas and Puma shoes for almost two decades. His prototypes for Atoms have defined the company’s direction: durability, comfort and style. A shoe that lends itself to many occasions and departs from purely aesthetic appreciation.

The startup will soon know if it’s vision is aligned with that of consumers, the first models of Atoms being delivered this summer.

Photo credits: Image via Techcrunch

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