The real-life networking start-up Swapcard raises €4M

Initially a service of business cards’ virtual exchange, Swapcard has successfully completed its repositioning in the digital event-planning. A fruitful bet for this French start-up, which reaches, with its dreams of greatness, a 4 million euros fund raising.

Papers are dead according to Swapcard, which chose all-digital calling card in 2014. Out of lost or forgotten cards, the start-up thus proposes to its users to exchange their contact bias through social networks, SMS or, e-mails.

However, for a few months now, Swapcard has chosen a strategic repositioning. The start-up enables events’ organizers to connect some of their parties’ participants together, depending on each one’s interest, with a “smart matching” principle.

This digitalization is really appreciated, and already used by big and important events like VivaTech, TEDx, or Hello Tomorrow.

The French start-up hopes therefore to digitalize the field of event-planning. In doing so, Baptiste Boulard, CEO of the start-up, thinks bigger, and supported by his co-founders Godefroy Colas des Francs and Damien Courbon, undertakes a round of financing.

The aim is clear : to step it up a notch, expand into international market, even though Swapcard has already three antennas abroad – in Germany, Spain and Canada. The start-up announced this Thursday that it has convinced private investors, undisclosed for now, to grant it 4 million euros.

Baptiste Boulard hopes these funds will help consolidate its anchoring in forty markets out of France, where the startup is operative for now, such as South Africa, the Ivory Coast or, South Korea.

Credits : Swapcard

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