Apple puts its services in the spotlight at its latest Keynote

Several high-tech giants have recently made various announcements, extending their fields of activity to new sectors.

It was only during the March 25th conference that Tim Cook stepped out to announce several innovations. No more new Apple objects, it’s time for new services for iOS users.

Apple TV, a new player in the streaming industry

Streaming has been very successful in recent years, thanks, mainly, to the Netflix platform. Since its success, the market has witnessed a proliferation of platforms, such as Amazon and its Prime service, Hulu, CBS All Access and HBO Showtime. While others such as Disney +, NBC Universal and WarnerMedia have planned to enter the market this fall.

However, due to Netflix’s success, the sustainability of some is jeopardized, such as Google and its “Youtube Original series” service, which did not meet the expected success and prompting the firm to cancel some programs, only a few hours ago.

Apple still intend to enter this highly competitive market with its “Apple TV” and its “Apple TV+” services. It will provide original programs and account sharing between different users, like any other streaming platform. However, only iOS users (users of Apple products) will have access to it.

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