Thanks to its mobile app, Element identifies millions of people around the globe

Element created a biometric identification technology available on mobile for everyone. This application could help identifying millions of people in more efficient ways. In Asia and Africa alone, more than a billion people are not identified correctly. Element tries and tackles this very serious issue and created a biometric identification platform using some of the… Read More

Alibaba just led a $600 million round for the AI startup SenseTime

SenseTime, a Chinese startup specialized in facial recognition and artificial intelligence just closed a $600 million round, led by the Chinese giant Alibaba. SenseTime, the Chinese unicorn startup specialized in artificial intelligence and facial recognition; just raised $600 million. In July 2017, it also had closed a $410 million rounds. The society is now worth… Read More

Instacart raises $150M and tries to compete with Amazon

The groceries collaborative deliveries service just closed a $150 millions round. Amazon’s new delivery services force Instacart to accelerate its development and international implantation. Funded in 2012, Instacart allows its users to order groceries products directly on its website. Buyers then go shopping for their clients and deliver their commands in less than an hour…. Read More