Google I/O conference : a lot of new features to come

Google, just like a lot of other tech giants, just presented its new coming features during its annual I/O conference. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, just released Google’s coming features and future services. Smart emailing, augmented reality and artificial intelligence : quick summary of what is to come on our phones and computers. Google Assistant Google’s… Read More

Spotify presents new features and a brand new free tier on mobile

Assisted playlisting, low-data mode, on-demand music… Spotify just updated its mobile app for its free users. Gustav Söderström, Chief R&D Officer at Spotify, just announced a series of new features for its mobile application during a dedicated event taking place today in New York. Spotify launched its free tier on mobile in 2014. It was… Read More

Nike can now scan its clients’ feet thanks to Invertex

Nike just acquired Invertex, a Isreali startup specialised in machine vision technology. A big step towards tailor-made shoes ? Nike tries to improve its clients’ experience and just announced the acquisition of Invertex to speed up its evolutions. The Israeli startup, specialised in machine vision technology, allows users to scan their feet on a dedicated… Read More