Technology in sport #1 : Bigger, faster … safer ?

“Citius, altius, fortius”, or “faster, higher, stronger” as the Olympic motto goes. As humans continue to push the limits of physical performance, how are emerging technologies playing a role ? Do AI and Big Data hold the key to continuing the trend ? We’ve been playing sports for a long time and yet, somehow, the… Read More

Google I/O conference : a lot of new features to come

Google, just like a lot of other tech giants, just presented its new coming features during its annual I/O conference. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, just released Google’s coming features and future services. Smart emailing, augmented reality and artificial intelligence : quick summary of what is to come on our phones and computers. Google Assistant Google’s… Read More

Suki raises $15M to create a voice assistant for doctors

The teams behind Suki, a future voice assistant for doctors, just raised a 15M funding round. Helping doctors take notes, complete medical records or prescriptions : some of the tasks Suki should be able to do as a voice assistant for doctors. The startup just closed a $15M funding round led by Venrock (which already… Read More

The FDA allows an artificial intelligence to perform a medical diagnosis for the first time

The FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) allowed an artificial intelligence to perform a medical diagnosis for the first time and this, without having a doctor checking the results afterwards. It is the first time the FDA allows the operation and the marketing of a system provided with  artifical intelligence. This tool, called iDx-DR, can… Read More

Alibaba just led a $600 million round for the AI startup SenseTime

SenseTime, a Chinese startup specialized in facial recognition and artificial intelligence just closed a $600 million round, led by the Chinese giant Alibaba. SenseTime, the Chinese unicorn startup specialized in artificial intelligence and facial recognition; just raised $600 million. In July 2017, it also had closed a $410 million rounds. The society is now worth… Read More

AlterEgo, MIT’s vocal assistant project, only listens to your inner voice

Using a vocal assistant, such as Siri for example, can quickly become uncomfortable for some people who do not really want to be seen talking to their phones in public. Some MIT students created AlterEgo, a vocal assistant listening to its users’ inner voice. Thanks to these MIT students, talking to your vocal assistant on… Read More